Sunday, November 13, 2005

Environmentally friendly holiday lights!

It happens every year. Just as you’re ready to string your holiday lights, they burn out. Spare yourself the nuisance this year — and every year — with these revolutionary LED lights. Unlike incandescent bulbs, they have no filament to burn out, they last for about 200,000 hours, and use almost 80% less electricity. If one bulb goes out (after about 20 years!), the rest stay lit. The Small Forever Lights can be hung indoors or out and each have 70 lights per 23-1/2 ft string. The Medium and Large Lights are 25% brighter than ordinary bulbs, include branch clips, and have 25 lights per 16-ft string. Connect up to 3 strings. UL listed.

Environmentally friendly holiday lights!
Nostalgic flame-tip shape
Cut electricity costs up to 80%
LEDs burn approx 200,000 hours, or 20 years
Available in icy White or 5-color Multi
Bulbs are virtually unbreakable
Hang indoors or out

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