Friday, November 04, 2005

Pyron Solar Unveils Pyron Solar Electric Generator

Pyron Solar Inc. (San Diego, CA) unveiled its Pyron Solar Electric Generator, a clean, affordable energy source that is able to produce electric energy from the sun at about half the cost of other systems in a dramatically compact design. The Pyron Electric Generator features a cost of less than $3 per watt, compared the the average solar system cost of $5 per watt, which translates to a 40% decrease in the cost of solar power.

The Pyron Generator is compact; it looks and feels like no other solar power system and produces electric power in a space of one-fourth to one-twentieth the size of any other solar approach. A 23 ft x 16 in Pyron system produces 6,500 W of electricity, enough to power six average homes. The Pyron Generator costs around $18,000 (with California rebates of around $2.30 per watt, or just over $2,000) compared with around $32,500 for flat-panel systems.

Pyron Solar has future plans for large-scale production, with 30 kW and 50 kW units planned. With the size, price, and efficiency of the system, it has been calculated that with a piece of land measuring 50 square miles in the desert southwest, the Pyron system could provide all the electricity consumed by the entire US. The Pyron system has the potential to produce hydrogen from water, opening it up to the hydrogen and fuel cell markets.


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