Tuesday, January 10, 2006

World Sustainable Development Forum 2006 New Delhi India 2-4 february 2006

DSDS 2006: Driving thought leadership and stimulating action
The emphasis on linkages across MDGs will be a consistent theme running through discussions and debates at DSDS 2006. The success of the eight MDGs would dramatically alter the condition of the world’s disadvantaged, yet their effectiveness is crucially dependent on radical, innovative, and workable collaborations between stakeholders and technologies. DSDS 2006 will facilitate the formation of such linkages by exploring opportunities for partnerships among governments, communities, organizations, and emerging technological breakthroughs. The side events will focus on specific issues related to various sessions and discussion themes of DSDS 2006. Spread over three days in New Delhi, DSDS 2006 will be split into sessions that will discuss problems, opportunities, and solutions on the following themes.
Opening session Creating an enabling environment for MDGs globally Views from world leaders
Ministerial sessions
Plenary sessions and discussion themes
- Involving diverse stakeholders: partnering for change
- Ensuring people’s participation: governance issues in meeting
sustainability challenges
- Applying science and technology for sustainable development
- Energy, the underlying MDG
- Health and sanitation: a crucial determinant?
- Environmental threats to agriculture: coping and adaptation strategies



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