Monday, April 17, 2006

Mayor announces EDF Energy as partner to develop climate change initiatives for London

The Mayor of London Ken Livingstone today (6 March) announced that EDF Energy has been chosen to work in partnership with the London Climate Change Agency to drive forward work that will provide decentralised, more efficient energy supplies for London.

The London Climate Change Agency has selected EDF Energy, one of the largest energy companies in the UK and the owner of London Energy and London’s public electricity network, as the preferred bidder to set up a joint venture company whose remit is to develop sustainable energy schemes for London.

The company will tackle climate change by developing local sustainable energy solutions to London’s power, heating and cooling needs. It will identify and develop sites across the capital where investment in sustainable energy technology would reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, which are contributing to global warming.

At a time when energy prices are rising, using energy more efficiently has never been more important. Developing decentralised energy sources will mean energy is locally produced rather than being supplied from the national grid. By reducing wasted heat and transmission costs it should also mean that those houses and businesses which are being supplied could benefit from lower heat and electricity bills.

The Mayor of London Ken Livingstone said:
'The issue of Climate Change is shooting up the list of priorities for Londoners. We must take bold steps to address global warming and it is essential that we become more efficient in the way we produce, distribute and use energy.

'The partnership with EDF Energy places London at the forefront of tackling climate change by encouraging the use of combined heat and power and renewable energy. Not only could this lead to a more secure and sustainable energy supply for London, but also to reduced household bills.

‘I launched the London Climate Change Agency last year - following a proposal from Deputy Mayor Nicky Gavron - to deliver ground-breaking energy efficiency and renewable energy projects across London. Working in partnership with EDF Energy, we can drive forward our work to tackle climate change.'

Chief Executive EDF Energy, Vincent de Rivaz, said:
‘We are delighted to have been chosen to provide London with its own sustainable energy infrastructure. As a company, our history is firmly rooted in London, we distribute power to London’s homes and businesses, we work with London’s communities and we were the first company to sign up as a Premier Partner of the bid to bring the Olympics to our city.

‘EDF Energy believes that a diverse mix of energy is the key to security of supply for the UK in the longer term and central to the fight against climate change. Local solutions will need to play their part as part of that diverse mix.

‘The task of providing sustainable, local energy projects which help to reduce carbon emissions is a big one but it is one to which we can bring our extensive expertise. I am hugely proud to be involved in this initiative, which will create a benchmark for other capital cities to follow.’

Deputy Mayor of London, Nicky Gavron, said:
‘Climate change is the greatest challenge facing our planet and cannot be ignored. When it comes to practical action on the ground, cities are centre stage. So large, energy-consuming cities like London have a responsibility to show leadership by reducing their carbon emissions and developing decentralised energy systems. That is why the Mayor and I, working with business, have set up the London Climate Change Agency and are creating a London energy services company, to help us develop a low carbon environmental infrastructure for the 21st century. How we are tackling climate change here in London could have an impact on major cities throughout the world.’

Allan Jones, Chief Development Officer, Climate Change Agency, said:
‘Global warming is the greatest threat facing the planet today and we are close to passing the tipping point of irreversible climate change. That is why the action that the Mayor is taking through the London Climate Change Agency is so important. The technologies that will be used are already tested and proven and we hope to showcase in London a model that could be copied across the UK and in other cities around the world to make the very significant cuts in carbon emissions that are necessary if we are to avert catastrophic climate change.

‘Work has already started with a programme to calculate the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by the Greater London Authority Group - ‘carbon accounting’ - and flagship projects such as the renewable energy systems to be implemented at City Hall, Palestra and the London Transport Museum this year. But we need this energy services company to take forward sustainable energy projects on a scale that will have a major impact in reducing London’s greenhouse gas emissions.’


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