Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Binder choice with recycled cardboard is basis for green business launch

Bradley Hole launched the Sustainable Group in Seattle, Washington to create environmentally friendly office products. He explains how the concept developed in a letter to In Business:
“The idea to create Rebinder came to use while working in an office with many vinyl three ring binders. We found that we were always looking for the right way to dispose of the old ones with ripped covers or bent rings. It felt terrible having to throw the entire thing away. Knowing how toxic it is to manufacture vinyl and dispose of it, our quest was to find a better solution. Unlike traditional vinyl three ring binders, Rebinder's cover is made of durable corrugated cardboard (35-38 percent postconsumer recycled). The cover is removable (by unscrewing the two screws that affix it to the spine) and 100 percent recyclable. New covers can be used with the old ring metals and assembly. Available in three sizes, all our products are made in Washington State and assembly is done by a back-to-work program at Goodwill Commercial Services (Tacoma, Washington). Our newest product, Repocket, is a little different than traditional two pocket folders. We used a thicker bending chip board (20 point thickness) made from 100 percent recycled fibers (56 percent postconsumer and 44 percent postindustrial).
“Our customers tell us that our products help communicate an important message about sustainability and social responsibility. Clients from LEED Certified Architects, green businesses, law offices and schools are replacing their vinyl binders and folders with more sustainable alternatives.”
For more details or to place orders, contact Bradley Hole at Sustainable Group, 844 NW 49th St., Seattle, WA 98102. (206) 706-0966.

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