Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NRGSPOTS: public charge spots for electric transport in Rotterdam

Eneco, Epyon and Qwic have today expressed their intent to cooperate with the purpose of making environmentally friendly scooters in Rotterdam accessible to everyone. This cooperation is unique, because it is based on a fast charge technique, which means that it will be possible to charge electric scooters within 15 to 30 minutes, a process which normally takes hours. Electric transport is a topical subject in view of pollution reduction in the Dutch cities.

At this moment Eneco is developing public (fast) charge spots for electric transport named NRGSPOTS. The company TNT and the Rotterdam Climate Initiative cofinance the NRGSPOTS. Eneco in addition supplies its environment friendly power Ecostroom to the charge spots, Epyon is responsible for the fast charge technique and Qwic supplies the scooters.

Polluting transport will increasingly be opposed in the city centres. Last week a study by the Cyclists' Union and Utrecht University also demonstrated that ordinary petrol scooters and mopeds emit twice as many fine particles as lorries.
Electric transport, and fast charge spots in particular, is therefore becoming increasingly essential. With electric transport combined with fast charge spots on the basis of Ecostroom, pollution is practically zero.

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