Saturday, October 29, 2005

Project Impact,affordable and sustainable health care

Project Impact, Inc., founded by David Green, is a non-profit organization dedicated to making medical technology and health care services accessible, affordable, and financially self-sustaining. Part of the International Federation of Impact Foundations, Project Impact focuses its efforts on avoidable disabilities-- most recently those relating to sight and hearing. Disability is often both a cause and consequence of poverty. Project Impact puts the disabled back on their feet and on their way back to economic independence.

Project Impact’s work embodies the economic paradigm of ‘compassionate capitalism’, which emphasizes utilizing production capacity and surplus revenue to serve all economic strata, rich and poor alike, in a way that is both financially self-sustaining and affordable to all members of society. It is philanthropy bypassing the middleman. In this paradigm, profit is the MEANS to an END, not the other way around.

From project concept to project completion, our approach builds off the best techniques of our mentors, partners, and founders. In our methodology we seek from the start to design and implement solutions to problems that will be sustainable based on earned income, and not dependent in future years on donations. Project Impact's core competencies are technology transfer for establishing manufacture of affordable medical products, and development offinancially sustaining healthcare service delivery models.


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