Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Next Generation of Solar Thermal Systems

Solar thermal systems can contribute to the protection of the environment and save our natural resources. Even though solar thermal systems are well-developed at this stage, a further dissemination of this technology requires a continuous development and optimization. In order to manage this challenge collectively on an European basis, the NEGST project was initiated from the Institut für Thermodynamik und Wärmetechnik (ITW), University of Stuttgart together with the company “Solar- und Wärmetechnik Stuttgart” (SWT).

The project „NEGST“ (New Generation of Solar Thermal Systems) aims mainly at the development and market introduction of cost-efficient solar systems. This “new” generation of solar thermal systems represents a further development of today’s system technology with respect to improvement of performance and reduction of system costs. In addition to thermal solar systems for domestic hot water (dhw) preparation, solar combisystems (systems for combined dhw and space heating) are considered, as well as systems for solar cooling and sea water desalination.

The project which is predominantly financed from the European Comission comprises a budget of 1.3 million Euro and has a duration of three years. The financial contribution of the European Commission affirms the significance of solar thermal technology in Europe. The consideration of the most important European system requirements is guaranteed since 18 different institutions from science, research and industry out of 14 different countries are involved in the project. Consequently a basis for an uniform European market as requirement for further market growth will be created.

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