Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ken Livinstone announces plans for a new zero carbon development in London

The Mayor of London today announced from Shanghai plans for a new zero carbon development in London. The development, which is likely to be situated in the Thames Gateway, will demonstrate that major developments can be designed to exemplary sustainable standards - achieving very low carbon emissions -- at standard development costs and easily replicable.

The project which stems from a proposal from Greenpeace, will be taken forward by the London Development Agency (LDA), the Mayor's regeneration and skills body. The LDA are delighted to be working with Peter Head, Director of Arup, to help design the project. Greenpeace will also be working with the London Development Agency to deliver the project, which will be up to 1000 units in size.

Peter Head is responsible for the Dongtan eco-city in China, on which the Mayor of London received a presentation today while in Shanghai.

Dongtan aims to be the world's first sustainable city - with all the buildings powered by renewable energy, self-sufficient in water and food sourced from the surrounding farmland. The 630ha first phase of the city will house up to 80,000 people by 2020 and inhabitants will be encouraged to make use of the zero-carbon public transport, which will be powered entirely by renewable-energy.

The Mayor of London Ken Livingstone said: ‘Global warming was created in the west, but it is increasingly to the east to which we look for a solution. Shanghai's Dongtan sustainable-city project is breathtaking in scale and ambition and if it works it will be a beacon to the world on how to achieve a low-carbon future.

''London's zero-emission development will demonstrate that we can also realise this kind of vision in Europe and that it is affordable and achievable to make all major new developments low-carbon. I am delighted that Arup's Peter Head has agreed to help kick-start this initiative. His experience from Dongtan will be a major boost to London's plans. I am once again pleased to be able to work with Greenpeace on this issue of major importance to London’s future.’

Peter Head, Director of Arup said: “Our client in China, Shanghai Industrial Investment Corp, is showing that a new paradigm of urban development that addresses environmental pollution and resource depletion can be commercially attractive and help improve quality of life. I am delighted to help demonstrate that a much more ambitious approach to sustainable development is attractive in London too.”

Stephen Tindale, Executive Director of Greenpeace said: ‘Once again London is leading the way in the UK and Ken Livingstone is showing what can be done when a politician has the drive to turn aspiration into action. It’s high time central government took note of what is happening across the Thames.’



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