Thursday, July 27, 2006

Reimaginations celebrates the beauty of wind

"Wind turbines have both aesthetic and symbolic power that translates well into artistic expression."

It's clean. It's friendly. And it's often down right gorgeous. REimaginations is dedicated to providing you with images, artwork and gifts that convey the beauty of renewable energy production.
REimaginations was started with the belief that wind turbines are beautiful. We wanted to share that belief through creating a venue for artists to show their interpretations of renewable energy. We plan on building a collection of images and artwork that is an inspiration dedicated entirely to renewable energy. We are starting with a focus on wind energy. Wind energy is under attack across the country by those that see wind turbines as ugly. We find them to be beautiful expressions of the wind.

"It's no accident that there is a long tradition of wind energy in artworks," said Sakura Emerine, Education Manager at AWEA. "Wind energy is an elegant blend of form and function, and artists have worked to capture the power of this combination for hundreds of years in everything from sketches to paintings to photographs to sculptures."

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