Monday, July 02, 2007

Cleaner skies with Easyjet "Ecojet"

British low cost carrier Easyjet has unveiled it’s “Easyjet EcoJet” which they claim can reduce CO2 Emissions by 50% by 2015.

EasyJet said it was in discussions with Boeing and Airbus – the world's largest plane manufacturers – and engine maker Rolls-Royce about producing a next generation of green aircraft.

The easyJet 'ecoJet', crafted by two qualified aeronautical engineers employed by the airline, features "open rotor" engines that will produce 25% less carbon dioxide per passenger kilometre flown than the airline's current Airbus planes.

It will cut fuel burn by a further 15% with wings and fuselage constructed from lighter aluminium composite material. A further 10% will be saved by slower inflight speed and, in a development not linked to the aircraft, changes to air traffic control across Europe.

Boeing and Airbus, whose order books and production lines are full due to a glut of orders, would be able to produce a new plane from scratch within eight years according to Easyjet chief executive.

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