Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Photovoltaic systems: a clean alternative source of energy

Cangiano Sonepar – Sonepar Italia

Arguments such as energy saving or the research of innovative clean energy sources have become nowadays more and more actual if not compulsory. High levels of pollution, frequent black-outs, anomalous climatic conditions which require an always increasing energy production, last but not least the dependence from oil and its inconstant costs, are some of the most evident signals of the necessity for the world to find and adopt alternative and above all clean sources of energy. An example: the photovoltaic technology, which converts the energy of the sun into electrical energy*.

In the last two years Cangiano Sonepar has applied a part of its commercial attention to this market segment. It follows also the interest shown by the Italian national and regional Administrations towards the sensitisation and involvement of the communes in the promotion and diffusion of technologies aiming at the energy and economic savings and the safeguard of the environmental patrimony through the concession of subventions and fiscal deductions.

Cangiano’s activity has consisted in the selection of the best partner suppliers of photovoltaic products. Thus, the company offers advices to its customers installers with regard to the regional announcements for funds and help in the presentation of the necessary documentation to obtain them, the organisation of technical training courses and meetings for the diffusion and promotion of photovoltaic systems and the creation of a specific catalogue for its sales force.
The results of this activity have been immediately considerable and in 2004 Cangiano Sonepar has already produced in this sector a turnover of 1,2 millions of euro.

‘O sole mio in this very sunny part of Italy is not only an old popular song: it has become a modern, profitable and clean source of energy.

*There are many ways that solar energy can be used effectively. Applications of solar energy use can be grouped into there are three primary categories: heating/cooling, electricity production, and chemical processes. The most widely used applications are for water and space heating. Ventilation solar air heating is also growing in popularity. Uptake of electricity producing solar technologies is increasing for the photovoltaic applications (primarily) and concentrating solar thermal-electric technologies. Due to recent advances in solar detoxification technologies for cleaning water and air, these applications hold promise to be competitive with conventional technologies.


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