Sunday, June 01, 2008

Swedish SEKAB will introduce the world's first verified sustainable ethanol

Swedish SEKAB announced this week that it is the first company in the world to supply verified sustainable ethanol. The ethanol comes specifically from Brazilian sugar cane and is verified for its environmental, social, and climate perspectives.

The criteria are in line with demands highlighted in the ongoing processes being led by organisations like the UN, EU, ILO and a number of NGOs. The requirements assure that the ethanol isn’t produced using child labor, slave labor or destruction of the rain forests. Other requirements are directed at wages, working conditions, and labor laws.

In terms of the climate, the demands will result in a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from farming, production and transport by at least 85 per cent compared with gasoline.
An independent international verification company will audit all production units twice a year to ensure the established criteria are met.

"The first harvest of sugarcane for verified sustainable ethanol has just begun," explains Anders Fredriksson. "Over 100 000 Swedish owners of E85 cars can begin filling up with verified sustainable ethanol in August."

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